Flora Blossoms in Her New Family

23 Sep

Flora Blossoms in Her New Family

Flora, after receiving the grace and mercy of the Lord

Dear Friends,

Flora is over 80 years old and is not totally coherent. She cannot even remember her last name. What is known about Flora is that she spent her life working as a maid, never having a husband nor children. Increasing in age and infirmity, Flora became unable to work, resulting in her being evicted from her rented shack. Having no other options, Flora ended up living on the streets of Huauchinango, Mexico.

A kind couple noticed her terrible condition and began caring for her as best they could, but eventually they brought her to Heaven’s Family missionaries Jason and Nicole Fitzpatrick. When Flora arrived, she could neither eat nor control her bowl movements.

But now, after much prayer, love and hands-on care, Flora has been nursed back to health—thanks in part to gifts from our Food Fund. She now eats well and her “plumbing” is working properly. Flora has many around her now who, in Jesus’ name, provide her with a family—including the children and grandchildren she never had. Although she is still very tiny, she looks much more healthy. Flora is even beginning to make sense when she talks!

Your prayers and generous gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Food Fund connect you to the “least of these” like Flora. Thank you so much!

Flora sharing a meal with some of the children of her new family

Furthering the Kingdom together,

Diane Scott
Director, Food Fund

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