Focus on Life Concern Orphanage

10 May

Focus on Life Concern Orphanage

Dear Friends,

This month I asked my daughter, Charity, who heads the Orphan’s Tear division of Heaven’s Family, to write the monthly update. Let her know if you think she did a good job!

For the Children,


Life Concern Orphanage, in front of their new dormitory, made possible by your gifts

Can you imagine having to cook a meal for 20 hungry people? What if you had to cook a meal for 20 hungry people, but the only thing in the kitchen was an open fire? No refrigerator, no stove, no oven, no microwave, no sink. And the floor is not marble, tile or linoleum, but dirt. And the walls of the kitchen are flimsy bamboo, and the roof is thatch. And did I mention that this is the rainy season? There are probably a few dogs and chickens underfoot to get shelter from the rain. I’m not describing an adventure wilderness vacation with an end in sight, but what is an everyday way of life for most of our orphanages in Myanmar.

Below is a picture of the kitchen of Life Concern Orphanage. Before Cyclone Nargis, this also used to be their dining hall and dorm where all the children slept! It was completely blown over during Cyclone Nargis, and now, thanks to gifts to the Dorms for Orphanages Fund, they have a new place to sleep.

The current kitchen of Life Concern Orphanage

We receive emails all the time from the orphanage directors in Myanmar, requesting that we please build a kitchen for them. Gifts to the Dorms for Orphanages Fund help us answer their prayers.

Yes, You ARE Making a Difference!

You may not think too much about the $20 per child that you give each month to Orphan’s Tear. But let me tell you, to the directors and children of the orphanages you are helping, your $20 per month is a big deal! If the money that we wire each month gets delayed for any reason, we start getting worried emails from overseas. And if someone has to stop sponsorship for any reason, that loss is felt by the orphanage. Below is a thank-you letter from the director of Life Concern Orphanage, and anyone who has given to Orphan’s Tear should feel good as they read it! You are making a difference!

I would like to write a word of thanks to all the donors and prayer partners. It is a good news and we praise God that 99% of our kids (Life Concern Orphanage) passed their final examination in the public school. To God be the glory and honor. Your financial support really made different in the life of the orphans. The kids are more healthier, more educated and much improved in the godly behavior. The kids improved very much in various ways not because of my efforts alone, but because of all the generous donors, prayers partners around the world and of course the grace and mercy of God….. Please continue to help us in prayers and financial support in the future that all these precious kids will be the hope for the new generation in Myanmar.

We do also pray for all the donors and prayer partners every days and night.

Thank You

That is all the news for this month. Thanks to everyone whosponsors a child, everyone who has contributed to the Special Gifts Fund or the Dorms for Orphanages Fund. And because 100% of every gift to Orphan’s Tear is sent overseas to benefit the orphans, thanks to everyone who has given to the general fund of Heaven’s Family, which makes possible the administration of Orphan’s Tear!

For the Children,


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