Food or School?

Picture of student in Kenyan Slum smiling
This smile wouldn’t be possible without you!

Food or School?

Helping one boy and his mother have both

Dear Family,

Boniface Mutuku is 7 years old, and he and his mother live in a slum in Kenta, Kenya. Hard working and with an iron will, Boniface’s mother makes a meager living by scavenging construction sites for discarded wood, which she then sells to hotels as firewood for cooking.

What usually happens, however, is the hotels won’t pay her for her labors, but will instead trade her food for the wood. Although this keeps their stomachs full, cash is what is needed to pay for Boniface’s school fees. This unfortunate reality is not uncommon for many families living in the slums of Kenya, where survival is all they can afford, and even the most basic education is a luxury.

But YOU have changed this situation for Boniface and his mother! Because of your gifts to the Education Ministry, Boniface is now receiving an education! He is an avid pupil at Jocada Academy, a school that ministers explicitly to children living in the nearby slums.

Boniface’s favorite hobby is drawing, but someday he hopes to become a professional painter. Dream big, Boniface! We are behind you!

Thank you for making an impact in Boniface’s life,

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Education Ministry


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PS: To learn how you can help other low-income families in developing nations, I urge you to prayerfully consider sponsoring a child’s education. There are still many students—in need of sponsors—desperately waiting to go back to school. You can do so here: //

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