Four Children Who Need Our Help

17 Mar

Four Children Who Need Our Help

Four children I’d like to help. Please read their story below.

Dear Friends,

For the past few days, we’ve all been watching the riveting video reports of Japan’s tsunami rolling onshore, swallowing everything in its path. It’s a natural disaster of horrific proportions. Our prayers are certainly with the people of Japan.

As I’ve watched those tsunami videos, however, I have to confess that I’ve thought about how much better wealthy nations fare compared to poor nations when natural disasters strike. Japan has the world’s third largest economy, and until China recently surpassed it, Japan had the world’s second largest economy. Northeast Japan’s coastal regions will recover as Japan’s government and its friends spend billions of dollars rebuilding what has been destroyed. Insurance companies will pay claims.

Contrast Japan’s northeast coast with Myanmar’s west coast, which was assaulted five months ago by Cyclone Giri, a cyclone you may not have heard of. Winds clocked at 165-miles-per-hour created a 12-foot storm surge with waves reaching 26 feet. The people in Giri’s path had no high-rise buildings in which they could take refuge and shoot video images for the world to watch. They fled on foot for higher ground. When survivors returned, many found their wooden and thatched-roof homes obliterated. Roughly 100,000 people became homeless, and 40,000 acres of rice paddies that were almost ready for harvest were destroyed.

Since then, some humanitarian assistance has arrived, but not nearly enough. The affected region is remote. Heaven’s Family has been doing what we can, helping to rebuild some homes and providing at least ten tons of much-needed rice for Christian families who live in areas who have received no other assistance.

A few of the families who received rice from Heaven’s Family

One our representatives working in Myanmar just sent me many photos of thankful Christian families who have received our rice. (Just $18 provides a hundred-pound sack of rice that can feed a family for a month.) But one of those photos really caught my attention. It is the photo at the top of this blog post (and directly below this paragraph) of four children whom he found living under a make-shift shelter that serves as their house. Their father perished in the cyclone. Their mother is doing all she can to provide for them, but she is losing hope. They are believers in Jesus. How I would love to build them a new house. $500 will do it.

If everyone who reads this blog post contributed just $18, we could provide tons of rice that would help sustain thousands of Christians and non-Christians—offering them a visible demonstration of Christ’s love. This is a wonderful opportunity to not only feed the hungry in whom Christ lives, but to also sustain and empower believers to reach their Buddhist neighbors.

If you would like to help us with our relief efforts in Myanmar by contributing to our Disaster Relief Fund, you can give securely by credit card through our website by clicking here, or by calling our office between 8:00AM – 4:30PM (ET) at (412) 833-5826.

As always, 100% of what you give to Heaven’s Family’s Disaster Relief Fund will be sent overseas to directly benefit survivors. Nothing is used for administration, as that is all paid through our general fund. Jeff Trotter, who directs our Disaster Relief Fund, will be in Myanmar in just a few weeks to oversee our relief efforts there.

Thanks so much for caring,


David Servant
Director, Heaven’s Family


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  • Doug

    I see an area to donate the $18 for rice, but I don’t see an area to donate towards the $500 for the building of a home for these beautiful Children of God. Is there a way to help fund the $500 or so dollars to help with the cost of getting a home for these four children and their mom?
    Thank you. And excellent job out there in the field.

    • admin

      Doug, Thanks so much for your interest and compassion! The funds to provide the rice and the funds to provide this family with a new house both come out of the same fund—the Disaster Relief Fund. You can donate and help out by clicking on the fund’s link. Everything we receive goes directly towards helping out the poorest of the “least of these” who have recently been devastated by natural disasters.

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