Framing a Better Future

29 Feb

Chan Awi and Lal Fak Awm, his business partner, in their shop

Framing a Better Future

Two carpenters join together to start a profitable business

Dear Friends,

Need a door or window frame for your home, or a beautiful table made of teak wood for your kitchen? Chan Awi is not yet shipping outside his home country of Myanmar, we’re sorry to say, but perhaps someday he will!

Business has been good for Chan Awi right in his home city of Hakka and the surrounding region, however, so he and his family are happy about their new prosperity. So is his nephew and right-hand-man Lal Fak Awm, and a few others whom they employ to deliver lumber to their shop and finished products to their customers.

Chan and Lal have achieved their success by combining their two US$500 loans from the Micro-Loan Ministry so that they could buy the tools and wood stock they needed to start their business. In addition, some of the loan was used to rent a plot of land and purchase materials to construct a shop. The property also includes a house for Chan and his family.

The two men have faithfully repaid their original loan and are seeking another so that they can purchase a large quantity of wood from the city of Mandalay, where it is cheaper. With the profits from his business, Chan is also able to support a college education for his son—something he could never have dreamed of doing with the meager wages he formerly earned laboring for others.

Chan with his wife and youngest daughter, who didn’t seem to know how to react to their white-skinned visitors!

Chan and his family are very grateful to the Lord for providing them with such an incredible opportunity. Thank you so much for enabling Heaven’s Family to empower believers like them through the Micro-Loan Ministry!

God’s richest blessings,

Dan and Terry Steward
Directors, Micro-Loan Ministry

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