Free from Addiction

05 May

Picture of a man freed from addiction in Israel
Left: Sergey just after his arrival from Tel Aviv. Right: Sergey today, sober and following Jesus, thanks to your help!

Free from Addiction

You’ve helped Sergey find freedom in Israel

Dear Family,

Here’s a message from Sergey, who after immigrating to Israel from Ukraine became a heroin addict:

I lived on Tel Aviv streets for two years and used to come to Aviv Center to eat and change clothes. Sadly, it took me a long time to decide to start rehabilitation.

And that was when a very strange event happened to me. I came to Aviv Center to say that I had finally decided on rehabilitation, but they closed down during the COVID quarantine. I was sitting near the door in despair, having lost all hope: I had no money, no food, my whole body was rotting so that I could hardly move—and now this place, my last island of hope, was empty and closed! I did not know what to do… and started crying out to God who I had been told about so many times.

Suddenly a man came up to me (I still don’t understand where he came from), who helped me get up and then bought me some food. He heard me out and offered to send me to a rehab. The man sent me by taxi (which is quite expensive for this distance) and as a result I started my rehabilitation that very day! Neither I nor anyone else has heard about this man ever since.

I have been undergoing the rehab program for 4-5 months already. God has restored my health and brought me back to fellowship with Him. I trust the Lord entirely and want to serve Him for the rest of my life.

Through your gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Prison & Rehab Ministry, Sergey has received the support he needs. You have made a way for Sergey and many like him around the world to meet Jesus and be free from the chains of addiction—made possible only by the power of God.

Bob Collins

Director, Prison & Rehab Ministry

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