Freedom from Fungus

Manuel receiving his first Bible
Manuel receiving his very first Bible

Freedom from Fungus

How receiving a Bible helped to transform a man’s feet in Mexico

Dear Friends,

Although foremost in my heart is my desire that the Strategic Bibles Ministry meet the spiritual needs of new converts, the poor often have profound humanitarian needs as well.

Village 1 in Mexico is an outreach center run by Heaven’s Family missionaries Jason and Nicole Fitzpatrick. It is home to many orphans, widows, unwed mothers and, of recent, abandoned seniors. Mexico’s abandonment of its senior citizens is a problem that’s grown to epidemic proportions. Jason and Nicole even reported that young couples, absorbed with their careers and social activities, will actually drive their elderly parents to remote places, where they leave them to fend for themselves at the mercy of strangers. Many other citizens simply cannot afford to pay for the extra food and medical treatment their parents require. The abandoned seniors who come into the Fitzpatricks’ care suffer from extreme sickness, abuse and depression, but God is more than able to reach them.

One of the seniors they’re helping, named Manuel, suffered from a severe fungus on his feet. He already had lost several of his toes and needed a staff to walk. The Fitzpatricks’ took him daily to visit doctors who applied the prescribed ointment to his feet—but they became gangrenous nonetheless. Now immobile, Manuel spent much of his time reading a Bible that they had given to him.

One day he read where Jesus gave his disciples power over sickness in Jesus’ name. Manuel asked the Fitzpatricks’ if that Scripture is still applicable today, and they happily replied with a resounding, “Yes, it is!” Manuel then began praying over his feet daily and, within a week the fungus and infection were COMPLETELY healed!!!! His remaining toes were perfectly fine again!

Thanks to Heaven’s Family supporters of the Strategic Bibles Ministry, we are able to supply Bibles so that the Fitzpatricks’ can add a deeper spiritual component to their humanitarian efforts, knowing that helping others live better in this life is ultimately futile if they are not brought to life-changing faith in Jesus.

This testimony is one of many I’ve received from Bible recipients all over the world that take God at His Word and receive miracles. The Bible, along with the Holy Spirit’s leading, make a great discipleship team!

For His glory,

Peter Wray
Director, Strategic Bibles Ministry

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