Freedom in a Burmese Prison

28 Dec

Freedom in a Burmese Prison

Prisoners being baptized
Three new converts at Yayachu prison being baptized by our indigenous parters using the only water available

Dear Friends and Family,

I’ve just returned from a wonderful visit to the mysterious and beautiful country of Myanmar, also known as Burma. Unfortunately, its people are held captive by a repressive military government and by a Buddhist religion that binds them to worshiping a god they cannot know personally. Thankfully, however, freedom is coming to some of the most unlikely places—the prisons. God has opened the door for our partners to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in Burmese prisons!

Our partners are ministering in the work camps near Kalaymyo, a city located in the remote northwest region of the country. The prisoners receive warm clothing, blankets, food, medicine and a Bible; then they hear the gospel, many for the first time!

During my visit with our partners, I provided them with a camera and a laptop to help with documentation and administration of the prison ministry. And because workers often must rent a car or truck to get to the more remote prisons, Heaven’s Family also purchased a new motorbike for them, all thanks to generous gifts to the Prison Ministry & Rehab Fund.

Shackled inmates praying
Inmates, many in shackles, responding in prayer

Heaven’s Family is also working to help our partners begin ministering in a 4,000-inmate prison in Taunggyi, a city located near the center of the country. There are some inmates in that prison who have been labeled as “untouchables.” Our partners will be helping to meet their physical needs and telling them about Jesus, the One who is not afraid to touch them.

Please pray with us for this ministry in Myanmar. I thank all of our Heaven’s Family friends from the bottom of my heart for your faithful support and obedience to the command of Jesus to minister to “the least of these” around the world. One day you will hear Jesus say, “When I was in prison, you visited me”!

May God continue to richly bless you!

Bob Collins
Director, Prison Ministry & Rehab Fund

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