Frijoles for Friends

Image of family receiving beansFrijoles means “beans” in Spanish. You are providing nutrition to many!

Frijoles for Friends

Christians in a dangerous place get essential food support

Dear Family,

We are still sending emergency relief to believers living on a communist island off the coast of Florida. Just recently, you provided food for 130 families suffering from COVID and devastating government lockdowns.

Here is a testimony from one of the recipients:

I thank God because He does not abandon His people and always arrives at the right time. I was very ill with the coronavirus and did not have the necessary finances to buy medicine. But God’s miracle came to me. I received the help I needed and I was able to buy medicine for my treatment, which enabled me to get better. God bless all these brothers who have the desire to bless us.

Image of food relief

Image of food relief

Image of food relief

I wish I could share their faces and names, but because we do not want to put their safety at risk, I’m unable to (though, I’m sure you can guess what country they’re from!). Be assured that you are strengthening believers and making a big difference through Heaven’s Family’s Disaster Relief Ministry!

Image of the director of the Disaster Relief Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Disaster Relief Ministry

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