From 0 to 25 in under 4 months!

29 Dec

From 0 to 25 in under 4 months!

Ashok dedicating the new church

*Please note: names of people and places have been changed for security reasons.

Dear Friends,

Ashok Masihi*, a Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary faithfully serving in northern India, has been used by the Lord to preach the gospel and plant churches in all-Hindu villages, often with amazing, supernatural help (read one example in last January’s magazine by clicking here).

In August, Ashok heard about Ajala*, a village 16 miles away that was so isolated that no roads went there—only foot paths. He also learned that no one in that village of very low caste families that work as field laborers knew about Jesus. The Lord burdened Ashok with their lost state, and he began praying for them. Soon he knew that he must also go.

Ashok mounted his bicycle and pedaled to Ajala. After arriving, he immediately began a prayer walk through the village. Noticing that Ashok was a stranger, villagers simply ignored him. Most also ignored him when he began preaching about Jesus. But one family was curious, and welcomed Ashok into their house. The family sat enthralled as he told them his testimony.

Two weeks later Ashok, with his wife, returned to visit the same family. Again they listened intently, and asked the couple to spend the night in their home. Early the next morning, the entire family reported feeling an incredible sense of joy—something they had never experienced before. That day the entire family of 7 repented and believed in Jesus Christ.

Over the next few weeks, Ashok discipled the new family of believers, training and equipping them to share their testimonies with their neighbors and friends, which they did with great enthusiasm.

On October 5th, Ajala, a village that did not know the name of Jesus two months earlier, experienced its first church service. As you can see in the photos above and below, the initial 7 members had multiplied quickly within a few weeks! Regarding that special day, Ashok said,

It was an exciting day for the people here and to see the joy in their faces as they worshiped Jesus was so thrilling. I praise God that this totally forgotten isolated village could hear the name of Jesus through us. Please continue to pray for us.

The believers of Ajala Village crying out to God

By last count there are about 25 new believers in Ajala Village now, all dedicated to following and glorifying Jesus. Ashok continues to visit, discipling and training the new believers to go out and make more disciples!

Jesus said that, “One sows and another reaps” (John 4:37). Though you and I may not be physically sowing or reaping in Asala or other remote villages around the world, there’s no doubt in my mind that those praying for and supporting the ones who do are just as important. I thank God for you and your invaluable partnership that is enabling many front-line workers to reach more villages with the transforming power of the gospel. You and I are part of a beautiful equation!

On their behalf,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

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