From Beggar to Borrower

19 Jun

From Beggar to Borrower

Picture of micro-banker and borrower
A micro-banker and borrower fellowshiping together in a God’s Love Group (faces are covered and names changed, below, for security purposes)

From Beggar to Borrower

A life you helped transform

Dear Family,

“He used to beg on the streets,” Amir told us.

He was speaking of Yousef, a beggar who was once a routine sight at the dusty intersection of his local marketplace. There he and other destitute men and women begged to survive. It’s a typical scene throughout North Africa.

But when he met Jesus, his life was transformed. Yousef immediately began to rely on the Lord’s provision instead of begging for handouts from his fellow man. God had a plan for Yousef, and He answered the humble prayers of this desperate man by a fateful meeting with a Heaven’s Family micro-banker named “Amir.”

Yousef is one of the 25 borrowers under Amir’s supervision. After biblically-based business training and discipleship, Yousef received a loan for $500, which he used to start a business selling construction materials such as lumber and cement. And now, with the profits from his business, Yousef is able to support himself and his family. Not only did God answer his prayers for provision, but Yousef sees this opportunity as a blessing for his spiritual encouragement and growth.

Yousef meets two times each week with other borrowers in what’s called a God’s Love Group. As a believer, it is natural to meet in small groups in this country. This society is oppressive and often hostile to those who profess to follow Christ; but because all of the members of his group are fellow borrowers who also use their gatherings to discuss their businesses, this gives them the perfect cover for their meetings! And when they gather, these illiterate men surround their mini MP3 players to absorb stories from their audio Bibles. They lift each other up in prayer and are challenged to grow deeper roots in their Christian faith. They listen to each other and give counsel on how to handle both personal problems and business difficulties. The direct result for Yousef is a maturing faith.

Picture of micro-bankers and tattered home
At left, 2 micro-bankers at a meeting to discuss loans after a 1-1/2-day journey; at right, the tattered home of one of our borrowers

As we sit in the room surrounded by trusted partners, Amir continues with his story. He reminds us once again that God’s provision for Yousef came through Heaven’s Family’s Microloan Ministry, but he gives all of the credit to God—as it should be. Once a beggar hoping for the kindness of strangers to survive, God transformed Yousef’s life and answered his prayers. Not only did God provide for him and his family, Yousef is also a confident business owner growing in the dignity only Christ can offer.

Amir has many more stories of his borrowers. God is moving powerfully in his region in the lives of faithful men like Amir and Yousef—and all this happened because of your compassionate help!

On behalf of all our micro-bankers and borrowers, Thank You! God is moving powerfully, and we rejoice together!

John Strong
Regional Director, Microloan Ministry


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