From Drug Addict to Missionary

18 May

Image of secret baptism on rooftopThomas baptizing 40 new believers on his rooftop

From Drug Addict to Missionary

Once addicted and enslaved, now Shariff can’t stop telling people about Jesus

Dear Family,

If you followed David and me on our recent trip to India, you’ll recall that we spoke of a man named Thomas (name changed for safety) who is working to plant 5,000 churches. This area in North India is less than 0.1% Christian. There is an anti-conversion law and the persecution is severe. But so far you have already helped Thomas plant 320 churches. Wait, make that 321.

Below is Thomas’ latest report of the work you’re doing to reach the lost:

We baptized 40 people in March and another group is getting ready for baptism this month. These people came from other religions and 7 were from a Muslim background. They all have a wonderful testimony of how Jesus changed and transformed their lives. A few of them are facing severe persecution from their families because of their new faith. But they have counted the cost and decided to follow Jesus no matter the consequence.

We are so excited to see the mighty move of God in North India today. God is moving in our region as never before. People are being healed, delivered, and transformed. Shariff is one of those people.

Shariff was born and raised in a Muslim family in North India. He received a basic education and did some labor in the cultivation fields. But later, he started using drugs and left his home. His life became miserable, ruined by drugs and bad friendships. Shariff had no peace and was lost in his addiction. He became mentally ill and tried to attack people to steal money to support his habit.

Shariff returned to his village two months ago. He became very weak and could not walk properly. The family took him to the nearby hospitals and a few religious places, but nothing could heal him. At last, they brought him to our church and we prayed for him. God touched him and delivered him! He is completely healed. Now his entire family has become believers and 7 people from this village were baptized. This is the first time the gospel came to this village. Now we have started a church in this village. Shariff is testifying to everyone about what Jesus has done in his life.

Image of ShariffShariff, now redeemed and serving Jesus

If you haven’t become a supporter of Thomas’ work yet and would like to get in on this kingdom action, Thomas still needs sponsors. You can sponsor him here.

Thank you for your time and attention and for the work you are doing to spread the gospel around the globe.

Grace and peace,

Image of the director of the National Missionary Ministry

Jerry Jefferson
Director, National Missionary Ministry

Transform Lives Through the National Missionary Ministry

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