From Failing to Flourishing

03 Nov

Picture of Oni and Edwin in front of the bountiful harvest
Oni (left) and Edwin (right) standing in front of this year’s abundant harvest.

From Failing to Flourishing

Farming God’s Way yields a 10-fold increase!

Dear Family,

I recently reported on the massive harvests our Farming God’s Way farmers in Zimbabwe have brought in. After three years of drought, and having to farm in what looked like beach sand in some places, our farmers achieved food security and an increase in wealth this year!

Some members of the God’s Love Groups are using their newfound wealth to erect fences that will protect their farms from grazing animals. Others are building new homes. Many new farmers are coming into the fold and joining the GLGs.

Our trainers in Zimbabwe, Joseph and Oni, said that everyone in their groups is thanking God, Heaven’s Family and you for the bumper crop their farmers have enjoyed this year. “Despite the economy and the effects of COVID-19, they are assured of food security,” Joseph and Oni stated.

They also shared with me the story of their “Rookie of the Year”:

We thank God that one first-time FGW farmer, Edwin Chinzou, managed to harvest two and a half tons (2,750 kilograms) of maize from one and a half acres of land. Before practicing FGW, he considered it unproductive land and was planning to use it for banana crops. On this same farmland, the family would get 250 kilograms or less of maize. The family is so grateful for what they have achieved.

My farmers and the community at large are so grateful for the work being done through FGW. I want to also let you know that every time I walk past people’s homes, they stop me and convey their appreciation because of the changes that FGW has brought to their communities.

God bless you and thank you so much for making it possible for us to reach these poor and unreached communities.

Thanks to your partnership, our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe have gone from failing farmers to flourishing farmers. Thank you for investing in Heaven’s Family’s Farming God’s Way Ministry!

May God continue to bless you and use you to advance His kingdom globally and locally.

Grace and peace,

Jerry Jefferson
Director, Farming God’s Way Ministry

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