From Greed to Grace-Books for Pastors Fund

13 Aug

From Greed to Grace-Books for Pastors Fund

Dear Friends,

The story below, of a pastor in Peru, is very similar to the testimonies from other pastors we meet around the world. They have given up everything for the sake of the gospel and are hungry for teaching and discipleship. Through gifts to the Books for Pastors fund, spiritually hungry pastors from around the world are being trained and discipled.

Julio Sotelo with his own copy of The Disciple-Making Minister

Gaining riches and power were his life’s goals. An ambitious banker, Julio Sotelo, of Peru, was even criticized by his own staff for being greedy. By his own admission, he cared for himself and no one else. Although Julio’s mother prayed for him daily and his co-workers often talked to him about Jesus, he never had time for God. He did not want anyone to get in the way of his plans.

That all changed twelve years ago as Julio was walking home from work. He was hit by a motorcyclist who left him for dead in the middle of the road. Julio remembers walking through a long, dark tunnel. In the darkness he remembered something a friend had always told him, “In your worst of times, cling to Jesus.” So as Julio walked, he spoke the words, “Jesus, I cling to you.” Immediately he saw a bright light and began to walk towards it. As soon as he arrived at the light, he regained consciousness and found himself lying on a hospital bed. At that very moment, he gave his life to Jesus and promised that he would follow Him wherever He wanted him to go.

That was the beginning of Julio’s new life. Giving up his love of money and dreams of a lavish lifestyle, Julio moved to a remote region of Peru and began preaching and teaching the gospel to villagers. He has since planted three churches.

Three pastors from the Huarez conference with their copies of The Disciple-Making Minister

Julio recently joined over one-hundred other pastors from throughout Peru for a two-day pastors’ conference taught by Heaven’s Family International Director, Chuck King. Throughout the conference, Julio was inspired and convicted by Chuck’s message. After the conference, he said that he realized how much of his ministry has been committed to pleasing men instead of pleasing Jesus. Julio also received a copy of the Spanish translation of The Disciple-Making Minister, made possible through gifts to the Books for Pastors Fund. Because you have contributed to that fund, you should know how your gifts are touching many pastors’ lives in Peru and around the world.

Thanks so very much.


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