From No School to “Home School” – Education for Slum Children

17 Aug

From No School to “Home School” – Education for Slum Children

Slum children attending school in India

Slum children from north India receiving a quality education in one of pastor Inesh’s homemade “classrooms”

Dear Friends,

As he helps clear out unused rooms and living areas in the homes of his parishioners, pastor Inesh (name changed for safety) is creating new school classrooms. His desire is to provide an education, coupled with the gospel, to nearby slum children in his region of north India.

You might think that poor parents would jump at the chance for a free education for their children. Pastor Inesh has discovered, however, that this is not the case in the slum. Many of the slum children have never attended school nor received any form of education because they spend their days working to bring in extra income for their impoverished families. After weeks of knocking on doors and begging parents, pastor Inesh finally managed to sign up the first 50 students. Now, because of all the positive feedback from children and their parents, there are an additional 50 slum children hoping to attend next semester.

Passionately Providing Education for Slum Children

Pastor Inesh is a passionate man who has sacrificially given of his own time and money in hopes of bettering life—both temporarily and eternally—for those in the slum. When we partnered with him to purchase desks and blackboards for his homemade classrooms, we were surprised to learn that he’d spent days making the desks himself in order to save money. He asked me to pass the following message on to you because of your compassion for the slum children he is serving:

May the Lord reward you for what you have done for these poor children here in north India. It will be a permanent investment for the school here.

The Heaven’s Family Education Fund invests in projects that will continue to minister to children for years to come. These gifts that “keep on giving” not only bring education to slum children, but also improve the economy of the local community by eventually placing more educated workers in the workforce.

On behalf of everyone who benefits, thanks so much!

Director, Education Fund

Children with the new desks

Some of the children at their new desks provided by Heaven’s Family

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