From Pain to Peace

Mark spent his whole life enduring an eye condition that could have been treated if he had been able to see a good doctor

From Pain to Peace

How a simple visit to a doctor changed one man’s life

Dear Friends,

My husband and I were in Kitale, Kenya, earlier this year, enjoying a wonderful church service with the congregation of Pastor Cleophas Makona. Afterwards, I began meeting people who had medical needs.

In that line was a young man named Mark. My heart was immediately touched when my eyes met his—that’s because his eyes were red, swollen and watering profusely. I listened to his story, and when he was finished I told him that I was sure my friends back home who love Jesus would help him—and they did! Mark saw a doctor who was able to help him, and many of you, my friends, stepped up to help him!

I want to share with you an email I just received from Cleophas on behalf of Mark:

Today I met him and he gave me a very powerful testimony. He says that now NO pains, no tears. For over 20 years, he had no peace. Now he can read the Bible well with no tears. 20 years suffering until Heaven’s Family rescued him. God bless HF.

Please continue to pray for others who, like Mark, are trapped in the kind of poverty that prevents them from simply visiting a doctor when they have a serious illness. Thanks to people like you who give to the Critical Medical Needs Fund, however, Heaven’s Family is able to come to the aid of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who are suffering with severe medical needs.

Thank you for your compassion…

God bless you!

Patti Samuels
Director, Critical Medical Needs Fund

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