From Trinity Orphanage:

29 Apr

“Warmly greetings to you… Hoping that you are fine there with your family. We also fine here and all the children also fine here by the love of God and through your prayer. And most of our children also passed their examination this year. But one of sister Miss Ni Hlei Chin fails her examination.

…We thank you so much that your helping us for new latrine. Now, I sent you the photo of our new latrine to whom we have received from you. We thank you so much. May the Lord bless you and your ministry activities continuously. We thank you so much for your helping us.”


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  • HisGloryFillsTheEarth

    What examination are they talking about?

  • Orphan's Tear

    They are talking about their yearly school examination that determines whether or not they can move to the next grade.

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