Fueling Dreams, Sparking Change

30 May

Fueling Dreams, Sparking Change

Image of borrower with Tuk-TukSimon is smiling because of your generous support!

Fueling Dreams, Sparking Change

Simon has upgraded from a donkey to horsepower

Dear Family,

I have exciting news to share with you about Simon, a determined entrepreneur from Kenya whose life has been forever changed, all thanks to your generous support. Your investment in the Microloan Ministry has enabled Simon to upgrade from a humble donkey to a powerful, motorized vehicle known as a tuk-tuk.

Before receiving the microloan, Simon transported jerricans (large containers) of water to his community using a donkey. Wanting to grow his business, Simon turned to Heaven’s Family to apply for a microloan.

Thanks to your support, he was able to purchase a tuk-tuk. This three-wheeled vehicle has expanded the distances Simon can travel and increased the volume of products he can transport. Today, Simon not only delivers water but also transports various other goods to his customers.

Simon’s journey doesn’t end with the tuk-tuk, though. Like all borrowers in the Microloan Ministry, he is part of a supportive network called God’s Love Groups. These groups provide accountability and foster spiritual growth through Bible study. Recently, Simon’s group received new study booklets, made possible once again by your invaluable contributions. The Microloan Ministry is not just transforming lives in a financial sense. It is also nurturing personal and spiritual growth.

Your generosity is truly bearing fruit, enabling individuals like Simon to overcome obstacles and look forward to a brighter future. You are making a lasting difference in the lives of these entrepreneurs.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Image of the director of the Microloan Ministry

Philip Rychcik
Director, Microloan Ministry

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