Fulfilling the Commission

16 Dec

Fulfilling the Commission

handicapped childrenOrphans at the Handicapped Care Center in Myanmar

Dear Friends,

I pray that you are experiencing God’s blessings this December! We just sent off extra money to each of the orphanages that Orphan’s Tear supports, so that the directors can purchase Christmas gifts for the children. They will most likely be purchasing new clothes for them. Thank you so much for everyone who gave to make that possible! I wish we could all be there on Christmas day to see how happy and beautiful the children will look in their new outfits.

This month I’m going to share with you some of the community outreaches that the orphans have been doing. They are effective little ministers!

Fulfilling the Commission

The Handicapped Care Center in Myanmar is not a depressing place. In fact, it’s one of the happiest places I’ve ever been. Jesus’ love is very evident in the lives of these children, and God uses them in mighty ways. This latest news from the director will inspire you:

This month we went to our neighbors every Saturday night and we shared the good news and we have pray for them. They were very happy and enjoy, because two drunked mans recived God.

They aren’t the only ones reaching out to their neighbors. The director of Bethel Children’s Home just sent us this:

This month we went to shared the Good news with our neighbors, only we shared to them Jesus loved you and your family. Unexpectedly they are warmly welcome to us and listening about what we have told to them, we have showed our action song read memory bible verse, they said us come back and share again about the love of Jesus Christ. Next month we have a program to go to them and to share the love of God.

May God bless the fruit of their labors to produce a bountiful harvest!

First Shot

children worshiping godChildren from Shalom Children’s Home (in front) at a special church service

You may have received an email we sent out recently asking for digital cameras. Many of you responded, and some have been put to good use! We just took three to Myanmar in November and gave them away to ministry partners, including the director of Shalom Children’s Home. He writes:

Last year Pastor David said that he would bring the camera for a Director who did not have. But he said it is not a promise but just a word. When he came last month in our place he brought a brand new camera for me. I am so glad to receive this camera. I believe It will be a helpful for our ministry. Here is the first photo taken by the new camera. The children from different homes came to the Sunday service at Love In Action Chapel for a special service.

We look forward to seeing a lot more photos of the children at Shalom!

Thanks so Much!

As always, thanks to every orphan sponsor, and to everyone who has given to the Orphan’s Tear Special Gifts Fund, the Dorms for Orphanages Fund, the Rice Fields for Orphanages Fund, or the Education Fund! Your gifts are making a difference in the lives of orphans, and we are eternally grateful.

For the children,

Charity McDaniel

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