Giving orphans a lasting gift

29 Jun

Giving orphans a lasting gift

The smiling children and director of the orhpanage gathered around their new sewing machineNew Heritage Orphanage rejoicing over their new sewing machine.

One special friend in Canada saw a need on the Orphan’s Tear Special Projects page for New Heritage Orphanage. They were in need of a sewing machine and some supplies. The orphanage was hoping and praying to be able to teach several of the children how to sew so they can have a marketable skill for when they are older. The need touched our Canadian friend’s heart, so he sent us a gift to pay for the whole project!

The director wrote a word of thanks to pass on to him:

Thank you very much for your help us and supported sewing machine for us. We have bough sewing machine because of we are very very happy and it is for us useful. We are praying for you. May God bless to you.

Much thanks to our friend in Canada and everyone who gives to the Orphan’s Tear Special Projects Fund. You are making a huge difference in benefitting the lives of nearly 1,000 orphans!

For the children,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

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