God even loves the monkey poop eaters

20 Feb

God even loves the monkey poop eaters

Image of villagers being baptizedTwenty-two monkey poop eaters were baptized!

God even loves the monkey poop eaters

22 members of an animist tribe find the truth of Jesus

Dear Family,

The Hmong Tribe in Northern Myanmar has only 12,000 people. They are considered an unreached people group as fewer than 2% of the tribe are Christians. Most of the Hmong are animists who believe in a spirit realm. One of their beliefs is that monkeys know which herbs are the best for medicines. As a result, they think eating monkey excrement is healthy!

Khamh, one of our national missionaries, went to a Hmong village to share the gospel and was given a plate of this “delicacy.” Thankfully, the Lord had been working already in the heart of one villager. Khamh’s bold willingness to trust God and accept the village’s offering (of monkey excrement) to him ended up resulting in that young man coming to Jesus!

A few years later, that same young man attended Khamh’s Bible school and brought the gospel back to his village. This past month, he baptized 22 new believers! Khamh stated, “I am thrilled not only that he baptized them, but also that he saved me from having to go there and eat monkey poop again.” I couldn’t agree more with Khamh’s sentiments!

Thank you so much for helping take the gospel to the ends of the earth through the National Missionary Ministry of Heaven’s Family.

Image of the director of the National Missionary Ministry

Jerry Jefferson
Director, National Missionary Ministry

Transform Lives Through the National Missionary Ministry

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