God’s Challenge: Believe and be Healed!

29 Oct

God’s Challenge: Believe and be Healed!

A family freed from bondage

Dear Friends,

Pan Gurung (above center) heads a family that lived in hopelessness and spiritual darkness. For the last several years, he’s suffered from an unknown skin disease that covered his arms and legs with oozing sores that bled regularly. He couldn’t sleep, and was afraid to be seen during the day. Neither doctors nor medications helped. Pan’s only choice, he thought, was to accept his miserable fate.

In April, Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary Simon Rai was sharing the gospel of Christ throughout Pan’s village in central Nepal. Upon meeting Pan, a Buddhist, Simon learned of his illness. Simon then challenged him that, if he would repent of his sins and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, then God could heal him of his disease. Wanting to consider all the implications of this challenge, Pan invited Simon to return later so that his wife could hear his message when she returned home.

Upon returning later, Simon sensed demonic bondage in Pan’s wife and daughter. Simon asked, “Do you both want to be free from the bondage of the devil?” “Yes!” they both replied, and then started crying out to Jesus. Simon prayed over Pan’s wife and daughter and they were both instantly freed! After witnessing the power of God at work, Pan also cried out to Him. And Pan was then completely healed of his skin disease.

Later on, Pan’s alcoholic son (above left) returned home to find that his family had been completely transformed. Convinced of the truth of the gospel, he also found freedom from his bondage when he put his faith in Christ!

This amazing story is still not quite finished: Pan has another lost son. Would you join with Pan in praying for his son, Bhuwan, who is still trapped in spiritual darkness?

If you’d like to partner with Simon Rai—enabling him to be able to travel to remote areas to share the gospel—or any other missionaries that are in need of assistance throughout the world, you can learn more by clicking on the blue button below.

On their behalf,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

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