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28 Jul

One of the red roofs that God showed Caroline in a dream

Dear Friends,

Caroline Imala sat on the floor weeping and praying that God would provide someone to help her 7-year-old daughter Lizzy, whose disability has caused her to be non-verbal and unresponsive. The elders of her village could provide no advice or help, and only told her what she already knew: Lizzy was “not right in the head.”

But God had an answer for Caroline, and He told her one night in a dream. In that dream she saw a compound with red roofs, and was told to “go” and find this place. There, the Lord told her, she would find help for her daughter.

The next day Caroline left her village with Lizzy, determined to find the place she had seen in her dreams. She walked for hours, asking strangers if they had heard of the place she saw in her dreams. She grew tired, but remained undeterred.

Finally, Caroline walked up to a small compound. She stopped at the front gate and stood in awe as she gazed at the exact image she saw in her dreams. “Heshima,” which means dignity in Swahili, was written on a sign. She told the guard, “I have an appointment.”

Heshima provides residential care for disabled children, but this kind of care is relatively expensive, and due to limited funding had no means to take in another child, despite the desire of the staff to do so. For this reason the guard normally turns desperate women away. But that day was different. He opened the gate for Caroline and Lizzy.

Caroline met with Tracey, one of the directors of the center. Tracey explained that they wanted to help, but could not financially afford to take in another child—she would have to send Caroline away.

Caroline and Lizzy Imala together at Heshima

Sensing that Caroline’s case was special, however, Tracey gathered the other directors for their input. After much prayer—and influenced, no doubt, by Caroline’s unique dream—they decided to step out in faith and commit to caring for Lizzy even though they did not have the finances. Caroline rejoiced and thanked God for His goodness.

But God was just getting warmed up. Later the very same day the directors of Heshima received an email from Heaven’s Family. They read that we were feeling led to fully support another child, if they happened to have one in mind!

Lizzy finally received the diagnosis and treatment she needed, and Caroline was given a job cleaning the facility. She now earns enough to provide for her and Lizzy’s needs.

Thank you for being a part of this miracle!

Together in Christ,

CJ McDaniel
Director, Christians with Disabilities Fund

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