God’s Little Giant

25 Mar

God’s Little Giant

Chen: a little man with big faith

Dear Friends,

China’s physically-challenged people are sometimes discarded by their families and society, leaving them homeless. Such was the case for Little Chen. When he was just a small child, polio twisted his legs, locking them permanently in a squatting position. At 22, he was living under a bridge.

A group of Chinese believers, assisted in part through gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Food Fund, met Little Chen during one of their weekly feeding outreaches to the homeless.

Little Chen listened as they shared the gospel, and he witnessed Jesus’ love in action. He surrendered his life to Jesus Christ, began attending a house church, and came to live at their Bible training center, helping to cook meals for the students. When he wasn’t in the kitchen, Little Chen learned about the Bible. Through his house church, Little Chen then found a job that provided him with an income and a place to live.

Recently, Little Chen shared his testimony in front of 1,200 people, persuading many to commit their lives to Jesus!

God often works powerfully in those the world labels as “little” or “weak;” of which Chen’s life is a perfect example. His physical stature may be small, but through the Holy Spirit’s power he is very big!

Chen testifying before 1,200, at left; and with Jia Lin and Yi Na (and their baby, Yi Lin), some of the team members who helped Chen, at right

By empowering our brothers and sisters in China through gifts to the Food Fund, we’re touching the lives of many other “thrown-away” people, just like Chen. Thank you so much!

Furthering the Kingdom together,

Diane Scott
Director, Food Fund

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