God’s Protection Goes On

Image of Diana, a former victim of sexual violenceDespite her abuse, Diana has become a mature, God-fearing young woman

God’s Protection Goes On

A faithful young believer finds safety from abusers and gangs

Dear Family,

As seven-year-old Diana laid down to sleep outside, the memory of her grandfather’s crushing frame was a nightmare on constant replay. Even in the dark, she felt safer outside—no woodland creature could be as threatening as he was.

Diana had finally escaped her grandpa’s continuous abuse after many vain attempts and found refuge in her aunt’s home. But her relief was short-lived. After only a few days, Diana found herself at the mercy of this woman’s violent temper. She was beaten daily by the one she had run to for safety and was even forced to stand outside with no clothes on as punishment!

Diana endured physical and sexual abuse as she bounced from place to place over the next few years. Her mother had died when she was only two months old, and the concept of safety was absolutely foreign until, at age 10, she found a warm welcome at the Eagle’s Nest home for children in Guatemala.

It was shocking to see so many people who wanted to hug me … that was the first time in my life that I felt safe and in a place where they gave me everything I needed and took care of me.

When Diana aged out of the orphanage with nowhere to go, she was scooped up by a dangerous gang. After two weeks, she escaped and called Eagle’s Nest in tears! Happily, our ministry partner was just opening a new transitional home for at-risk kids who became homeless when they turned 18. Diana was their very first resident!

I have learned many things, but number one is to love Jesus above all things.

We rejoice in God’s faithfulness to Diana through friends like you. She has successfully completed her education and is now living independently, thanks to your investments in Heaven’s Family’s Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry. Thank you for caring!

Directors of the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

Burt and Patty Forney
Directors, Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

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