A Good Investment

Nepali evangelist Timothy Rai handing out Bible
Timothy Rai (on right) is our guy

A Good Investment

An evangelist in Nepal who is worth his salt

Dear Friends,

I want to take this opportunity to share with you the diligence of one of our national missionaries who’s working hard to reach others with the gifts received by the Strategic Bibles Ministry. Towards the end of last year, I received this incredible praise report from Timothy Rai, our faithful brother in Christ who serves as a missionary in Nepal…

We have been able to distribute 7,000 gospel tracts…We shared the gospel personally to 1,100 Hindus and Buddhists…2 people took the water baptism. We did gospel campaigns 2 times. We distributed 500 New Testament Bibles and 45 audio-Bibles. We did door to door and one to one evangelism every week in different cities and villages of Nepal and India.

Timothy also shared with me this testimony of a man who found the Lord through the work of our national missionaries…

Mr. Tej Kumar Rai, from Okhaldhuna of east Nepal, is a Hindu convert who found the Lord through a correspondence course…He successfully completed a lengthy course and received his very own copy of the Bible. From reading the scripture, something Mr. Rai incredibly enjoyed, he learned of the one true God and His love for mankind. As a social worker who is mindful of others, he was drawn to the compassion of a merciful God who can heal, and…Mr. Rai has fervently followed the Lord since…

Thank you, Heaven’s Family donors who choose to invest in the work of the Strategic Bibles Ministry. On behalf of all our national missionaries and the lives that are touched with the Word of God, we want to remind you that we couldn’t do it without your generous support—It is well invested!

Together in Christ,

Peter Wray
Director, Strategic Bibles Ministry

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