Good News from Covenant Kids’ Home in Kenya

03 Sep

Good News from Covenant Kids’ Home in Kenya

Thanks to gifts to the “Safe Water Fund” on IWasHungry.org, the children at Covenant Kids’ Home in Kenya now have three of their own biosand water filters. Here’s a letter we received from them:

I want to thank Heaven’s Family for they have done us proud by giving us a bio sand water filter. We have so far received 3 filters and what I can say is that our community is benefiting from this. First the health of children here has drastically improved.

I have checked all our accounts since I took over charge of the children home and realised that we had been spending $120 every month on medication alone. The past one month, we spent $60, this month of August we have only spent $35 on medication. I sure thank God for this.

We gave [have] about 50 children under our care [and] the past months we reported 32 cases of skin rushes [rashes] every month, this month there was only one case. Our children have become so healthy. We also have children that come to hang out here from poor families in our village, we give them food and every evening we send them back with a bottle of filtered water. With three filters we can easily do this, so apart from just using these filters at the orphanage we are using them also to assist the community.

Again thanks!

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