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14 Jan

Haquri and her husband, with blankets from Heaven’s Family, are now keeping warm during cold Pakistani nights

Dear Friends,

When Samuel, our ministry partner in Pakistan, sent photos of how Heaven’s Family is helping Pakistani flood victims this winter, I was happy to see a familiar face. Haquri, in the photo above, was the woman who served me and my team some tea when I visited her impoverished settlement, now known as Hope Village, back in September. She’s got a great smile, and it’s not difficult to see the love of the Lord in her face and through her actions.

While winter continues to hold America and Europe in its grip, our spiritual family members in Pakistan are also experiencing their cold season. In many regions summer flood refugees are still living in tents. Temperatures regularly drop below freezing in the most heavily-populated areas, and even in the warmest areas near the coast, temperatures often plunge below 50 degrees at night.

With your help, we’ve sent $20,000 so far to assist Christian families with blankets, food, safe water, and clothing to help sustain them through the winter. There are many more who need our help, and we will continue to do what we can as God provides. Below are some photos to encourage you—because you are making a difference!

Some of the believers in Hope Village who are being sustained through the winter because of your kindness

On left, our ministry partner David distributed blankets in the Quetta area; on right, one of the many blessed with clean, safe water

Please let me urge you to pray earnestly for Pakistan. Millions continue to remain displaced by last summer’s floods, and the nation continues to totter on the brink of social and political disaster. God is their only salvation. Pray that God uses His people in a mighty way to defeat the spiritual forces of darkness that reign there. Thanks for your partnership and compassion.

Because of Him,

Jeff Trotter
Director, Disaster Relief Fund


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  • Moheeb

    Dear Br. Jeff,

    I am very glad and happy after reading your story about Haquri and other people and I hope things will go better and more better in future.

    Stay Blessed,


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