Grace in Gaza

Your kindness has helped provide food and water for suffering Christians in Gaza

For the past 5 months, hundreds of christians living in Gaza, the center of the Israel-Palestine conflict, have feared for their safety. Sheltering in their church together, these Christian’s have continued to rely on God to provide for them in the midst of this war.

This gathering of over 900 Christians is composed of many who belong to the largest Christian church group in Gaza, a predominately Muslim territory. These Gazan Christians have suffered persecution most of their lives for following God and now, as tension continue to rise during this war, these Christians are at risk more than ever.

Many of these individuals and families fear leaving the shelter, as the threat of kidnapping, torture, or getting caught in a line of fire are daily threats to those who wander outside. But as these Gazan Christians stay safe under shelter, they have been desperate for God to provide food, water, and basic necessities for them.

Supplies of food are running low in Gaza and are hard to find. Many of these Christian’s have been eating only one meal a day that consists of simple bread or cakes. Their situation has become dire and they have become completely reliant on relief groups to provide them food and water.

That is where you come in. Through your gifts to the Persecuted Christian’s Ministry at Heaven’s Family, we have been able to provide food and water to these 900 Christians in Gaza. Because of you, these Christians who were going hungry are now being fed.

You have shown these Persecuted Christian’s the love of God through providing for them at the most crucial time. Thank you for helping to show them that God will protect and provide for them.


Rachel Reed

Director, Persecuted Christian’s Ministry

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