Grandma’s Christmas Gift

18 Dec

Grandma’s Christmas Gift

Mary Beth and Sravani, the girl she’s “adopted” as a Christmas gift for her grandchildren

Dear Friends,

Months ago I received an email from my sister-in-law, Mary Beth. As a Christmas gift to her grandchildren, she decided to sponsor Svavani so that she could go to school—a rare opportunity for an ostracized but healthy child whose parents are afflicted with leprosy.

Here are some excerpts of my sister-in-law’s story in her own words:

I have been saddened each year at Christmas by how empty the season feels. I wonder what the point is as I watch my grown children worry and fret over how to afford Christmas.

I have less money each year to choose something for my 10 grandchildren, and I know that whatever $20 can get, it’s not [going to make much difference in] their lives…. What gift could [really mean something to] them?

You popped into my mind, and your work with children from leprosy-affected families—and the joy just grew! I sent a letter to each grandchild about sponsoring one of these children so that they could go to school: that would be his or her gift this year instead of a $20 gift. Their responses were all so beautiful! One said it was his best present, and another said, “Now I’m excited about Christmas!”

The blessings keep coming to us. Not all my grandchildren have even met [each other], but sharing the sponsorship of little Svarani brings us together. I am going to start a Facebook page just for my 10 grandchildren, and will be sharing our little “adoptee” with them—even sharing about how to pray for her. Some of my younger grandchildren are just really learning how to pray…. What a blessing!

Thank you Heaven’s Family and Carole—a little child in India has brought 10 American children to the manger of Jesus on Christmas day!

A few of Mary Beth’s grandchildren

For $20 a month each sponsored child receives a biblically-based education. During the five-day school week, they also sleep in a dorm, eat healthy meals, and receive clothing and medical treatment as needed.

May you also know such joy this Christmas!

Carole Collins
Director, Leprosy Ministry Fund

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