Grateful Mothers

28 Sep

Dear Friends,

Because you have contributed to Heaven’s Family’s Food Fund in the past year, I wanted to let you know how your compassion is making a difference around the world. This report comes from Peru, where each month we support several children’s feeding centers that are administrated by trusted pastors who are winning families to the Lord. When we were in Peru earlier this year, we visited those feeding centers, and we also brought with us Food Fund money to purchase provisions to give to the families of the children who come to the feeding centers three times each week for a hot lunch.

At one of those feeding centers, we walked into a crowd of mothers with beaming faces. They were so glad to see us, and wanted to personally express their appreciation for the meals that we provide each week made possible by your generosity. One by one, they expressed their thanks, which I want to pass on to you, since you have made their blessings possible. Some were very emotional and teary-eyed as they spoke.

Juana Soto arrived at the feeding center with her children like every other Tuesday. She was overjoyed to see that Heaven’s Family had prepared two weeks worth of food provisions for her and her family. She said, “We are so surprised and blessed by this gift that you have brought us. You have no idea how much we need this. We are very poor and this food will make a big difference for our families.”

Juana Soto

We repeatedly heard stories of how hard the women work each day in the fields and the brick pits, and how they appreciated the way we provide meals for their children three times each week.

feeding center mothers

The woman above on the left is the mother of a young boy named Juan. She was quite emotional as she thanked us, saying, “My son loves this place he talks about it all the time. Thank you so much for coming into our lives and for all you do.”

Most importantly, the children who come to the feeding centers three times each week are learning about Jesus. Their mothers are also getting a taste of the love and grace of God, thanks to your compassion. Thanks so much.

Learn more about the Food Fund and how it is making a difference in the lives of hungry believers around the world.

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