Great Education in Guatemala

12 May

Great Education in Guatemala

Image of Ceci with school suppliesCeci is really excited to have the school supplies she needs. The school does not provide these supplies and her parents couldn’t either—but you did!

Great Education in Guatemala

Your school supplies make it possible for children to learn

Dear Family,

Thank you for your generosity in supporting and equipping 65 precious children with school supplies. These children were really excited to know that you are creating opportunities for them in Guatemala.

Here’s a message from the parents of Ceci, one of these children:

Hola amigos, thank you for blessing and helping our daughter Ceci with school supplies. Through your support, Ceci is learning that receiving an education is very important to succeed in life. As parents, we struggle just to live day by day, let alone to give our children school supplies, but with this packet of supplies Ceci is able to begin her school year, and we praise the Lord for this blessing. I can see that each parent standing here in line to receive school supplies for their children is very thankful. Each bag of school supplies means a lot to them as well. It represents a great opportunity for their children to continue their education and achieve their dreams.

In Guatemala, school supplies are something most parents cannot provide for their children, as much as they may want to. Therefore, your support is making a big difference in these families’ lives and helping to break the cycle of illiteracy. Thank you for making a difference through the Education Ministry of Heaven’s Family!

Image of the director of the Education Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Education Ministry

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