Grinding out a living

18 Apr

Grinding out a living

Image of Silas and Margaret with coffee machineSilas and Margaret’s coffee bussiness has been thriving because of the microloan you helped provide

Grinding out a living

You’ve helped lift this family through a coffee business

Dear Family,

Margaret and her husband Silas, like many others, have been struggling to support themselves and their family through the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown has caused many problems for their family as Silas has been unable to earn a reliable income through his taxi business.

However, their family has benefited from a second income that has sustained them through this trial. Margaret began her venture into growing coffee just a couple years ago, using a Heaven’s Family microloan you helped provide. Growing coffee plants, extracting beans from coffee cherries, and finally making the coffee are a long process, but it is quite profitable and has pleased many customers as her coffee is quite popular in her area.

The loan that you helped give Margaret has enabled her to expand the amount of coffee plants she is growing and has allowed her business to thrive! Margaret hopes to obtain another loan soon so she can afford to purchase a posho mill, which will be used to help automate the coffee processing (in place of the manual device shown in the photo).

Through your prayers and your giving to the Microloan Ministry you have enabled Margaret to support her family and her children as well as furthering their relationship with the Lord. Thank you!

Picture of the director of the Microloan Ministry

Steve Sifa
Director, Microloan Ministry

Transform Lives Through the Microloan Ministry

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