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Dear Friends,

Massive amounts of aid are now beginning to pour into Haiti. The immediate needs are, of course, for the rescue of trapped survivors, water, food, and medical help for the injured. Right now everything is a mass of confusion in Port-au-Prince.

We have not received any word from either our primary contact in Haiti (with whom I spoke by phone just a few days before the earthquake), or from either of our two orphanage directors. Like tens of thousands of other Americans and Canadians who have loved ones in Haiti, we wait with hope. The cell phone of our primary contact sounds as if it is ringing when I call him, but there is no answer. I am facing up to the possibility that Preval Meritil, a dear friend of thirty years and a true Haitian saint, is in heaven.

Our area representative, James Jones of the Dominican Republic, found the Dominican/Haiti border tightly closed in both directions at two locations that he tried. Thankfully, because James is a former army medic, he has been assigned by the Dominican Civil Defense and Secretary of Health to a MASH team, and he will be on the ground in Port-au-Prince on Saturday. His job will be triage, primary rescue, stabilization of the injured, and transfers. James is taking $5,000 worth of bottled water, food, and medical supplies from Heaven’s Family, thanks to all of you.

HF International Director Chuck King is flying to the Dominican Republic tomorrow to personally entrust James Jones with 100 Sawyer Water Filters. James will take them with him to Port-au-Prince where they are so greatly needed right now.

There were massive needs in Haiti before the earthquake, and there will be massive needs for months and years to come there. We intend to do all that the Lord enables us to do to meet immediate and long-term needs.

Our website experienced some technical difficulties yesterday for a while, so if you tried to make a contribution for Haiti Disaster Relief but were not able, please try again today. Everything is working now. And thanks to everyone for your compassion.

In Christ,


David Servant
Director, Heaven’s Family


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  • Daniel Backus

    Greetings in the name of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ…

    Would you happen to have a regular mailing address that I may send a donation for Haiti aide? I do not use credit cards at all (for personal reasons), but I would certainly like to donate what I can for those poor folks in Haiti.

    I trust through your organization the gospel is being preached to them as well as provisions made for their physcial lifes?

    Thank you for any info you can supply…

    God bless…

    Daniel Backus

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