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Stephen Paing Bu with the $800 motorbike that is empowering him to bring the gospel to remote Buddhist and animist villages hidden in the mountains of Myanmar, where many have never before heard the name of Jesus Christ

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” – Romans 10:15

Dear Friends,

Each month, through the help of generous friends like you, the National Missionary Fund is equipping national missionaries serving in some of the most spiritually dark places on earth with tools that are enabling them to travel faster, further, and be more effective in their ministries.

Today I want to share with you just a glimpse of the many servants of the Lord who are utilizing such tools to make more disciples throughout China, Cuba, India, Mexico, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.

Dedicated young missionaries in Sri Lanka with sturdy mountain bikes, which only cost about $142 each, that are enabling them to reach Buddhist villages and Hindu tea plantations high in the mountains with the Good News of Christ. Previously, they’d hike for hours every day to reach fewer villages.

Janu Masihi is now able to show evangelistic videos, such as The Jesus Film, to large crowds in northern India using his $500 LCD projector. Gospel videos are an amazingly effective way of reaching large crowds in villages where most people have never before seen a video, nor heard the name of Christ.

A group of Cuban evangelists holding some of the 100,000+ gospel tracts—each costing a fraction of a penny—with which they are sharing the gospel door-to-door throughout the communist island nation

Thanks to generous friends, Chinese missionary Paul Fang was able to make $500 worth of necessary repairs to his vehicle so he can continue taking food and medical supplies to leprosy colonies, as well as transporting Bibles, literature and teams of missionaries to bring the gospel to unreached people groups in the remote mountains of China

Mexican missionaries sporting their new $15 hiking boots that are helping to protect their feet as they hike rugged, muddy terrain to reach villages for Christ

All of these missionaries had already committed their lives to reaching the lost before we met them. In fact, many of them were already walking for hours, if not days, to reach villages with the gospel. But now, with the help of their brothers and sisters in Christ, they’re able to travel faster, safer, and are reaching more people with the greatest news on earth!

If you’d like to see current opportunities to help equip dedicated missionaries with tools to better fulfill their ministries, click here.

On their behalf,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

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