Harvesting Trouble

Faithful A-Che sisters who have endured both persecution and ostracism from neighbors because of their faith

Harvesting Trouble

A new wave of persecution to the A-Che people

Dear Friends,

A horde of police officers and government officials poured into the village under cover of darkness. Their mission: to harass and threaten Sister Yang and the other A-Che Christians with severe punishment if they received Pastor Fang every again.

Earlier that day Pastor Paul Fang and his Chinese team of missionaries had stopped to help sister Yang with the grain harvest. While serving in such a practical way, they had ample opportunities to share the gospel and pray for villagers. That evening, the team held meetings in which they again shared the gospel and encouraged new believers in the village. As usual, God’s presence was tangible and several people were blessed.

This new wave of persecution brought fear and confusion to the precious new believers. They are simple farmers who don’t know how to stand up for themselves and fight the oppression. How can something so good be so wrong, they wonder? They have felt the love of God and responded to the gospel. Many claimed healing and deliverance through the power of Jesus’ name. Sadly, some have succumbed to the government’s intimidation and renounced their faith, unable to withstand the “heat of the day.”

Those of us who are spiritually mature know that we are in a very real spiritual battle. The A-Che have worshiped spirits and idols for thousands of years. The enemy is not giving up easily. Please join us in praying during 2016 that the entire A-Che would turn to Jesus!


Todd Matthews
Director, Unreached People Groups Ministry

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