Have a good night?

Eighteen happy orphans who are going to get a good night’s sleep!

We typically think that pillows make for a good night’s sleep. While that is no doubt true most nights at New Heritage Orphanage, I imagine a few instigators just might start a pillow fight now and then, disrupting everyone’s sleep—and now they can with their new pillows. As you can see, they are very happy and thankful to have them! (Can you spot any potential pillow-fight instigators in the group?)

I just got the photo and this message from the director of New Heritage Orphanage:

So many thanks from New Heritage children. Thank you very much for you help new pillow for children. We are very Happy and Joyed [for] our family. May God bless you.

On behalf of the orphans,

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division

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