He even makes the mute speak

28 May

Manu, speaking for the first time in his life

Dear Friends,

After Jesus healed a deaf and mute man near the Sea of Galilee, the Bible says that the people “were overwhelmed with amazement” (see Mark 7:37). Throughout the world, Jesus continues to amaze His people to this day. After witnessing a similar miracle recently in rural northern India, many people committed their lives to following Christ. Below is a letter from Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary Janu Masihi, recounting the experience.

This month we have witnessed a great healing in our church. One of our family brought their son Manu to us and he never spoke from his birth. Now he is almost 5 years old. His parents took him to many hospitals and had many treatment. But nothing could help Manu to speak. So they were very worried about him.

Last week they took him to our prayer meeting specially and requested to pray for him. I have shared the gospel message with the family and others who came with them, also I have invited all of our believers and asked every one pray for him with faith and in unity.

I felt in my spirit that the Lord will heal this boy very soon. After prayer I have asked the boy to speak ‘Pappa’. He tried but could not speak. After about 5 minutes the boy began to speak slowly. It took almost half an hour for him to speak ‘Pappa’. Then slowly he begun to speak little words…. The parents were so excited to see him speaking these words as he never spoke any single word. Within one week he starting speaking many words and responding very well.

All their neighbors are excited to hear Manu speaking and this week 4 new people [started coming] to church who are mainly Majeet’s relatives. This is amazing to [see] how the Lord is moving in our place. Praise the Lord. Please continue to pray for us as we are taking the gospel to nearby villages next month.

Manu continues to speak clearly, a testimony of Christ’s healing power to all who knew he was formerly mute. Thank you for enabling missionaries like Janu Masihi who are proclaiming the Good News and the healing power of Christ to those who are lost, sick and dead in their sins.

On their behalf,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

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