He has made all things beautiful

25 Apr

He has made all things beautiful

This woman wss thrilled to hear of God’s love for her

Dear Friends,

Join me as I give you a brief report of all we accomplished in India this past February!

The woman in the photo above lives in the Moula-ali leprosy community in Hyderabad, India. Her face lit up with joy when she heard how beautiful and precious she is to the Father who created her. She—and many others—listened raptly to a message preached that day about the ten lepers of Luke 17. They learned how much the Lord wants them to not only be physically healed, but made whole in every way—especially from the wounds of rejection and abandonment.

Later, these leprosy-affected families enjoyed a wonderful holiday meal of biriyani, and were given a month’s allotment of rice, lentils, oil, soaps and toiletries, all made possible by Heaven’s Family’s Leprosy Ministry Fund.

That same day we experienced a riotous afternoon with the students of leprosy-affected parents whose education we have funded—along with 250 orphans and street rescue kids—for a Vacation Bible School of chaotic proportions! The children sang worship songs, recited Scripture and performed graceful dances for us.

Some of the beautiful, healthy children of leprosy-affected parents

Our visit to the wound care clinic Heaven’s Family has helped to support was a bit more somber, as radical measures were being taken to preserve the foot of a very elderly man. Out of respect, no pictures were taken as his pain was too wrenching, but the saintly nurse Prasanna was able to provide him much relief before seeing to it that he was taken to the hospital.

Next, we visited a new Friendship Well that was made possible by our Safe Water Fund. A sparkling spray of pressurized water shot into the air—above hands raised in thanksgiving—as the electric pump was first turned on, but no one seemed to mind getting wet! What a thrill to witness such a life-giving gift in action, one that will save these believers the miles-long walk each day to the old source, and provide a witness to their Hindu neighbors who will get to share the well in Jesus’ name.

Joy and thankfulness flowed as freely as the water from the new Friendship Well at Lingampet Village!

We were also able to visit foster homes that Orphan’s Tear has supported with micro loans, each of which is enabling families to afford to take in orphans. It was wonderful to see the love of God being poured out for these precious children through the generosity of His family around the world.

Many of these children were rescued from life on the streets, begging, stealing, and/or foraging in the trash for food

Thanks for joining me. What a privilege it was to be your love link to His “least of these” in India!

Together with Him,

Carole J. Collins
Director, Leprosy Ministry Fund

Below are a few more photos…

The women of the sewing class showing off their work

Visiting an all-girls foster home

At left, women worshiping during the Friendship Well dedication service; at right, a man from the leprosy community struggles to leave after receiving rice and other necessities during our afternoon meeting (they sure know how to “use their heads” much better than most of us!)

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