Healing at Emmanuel Orphanage in Myanmar

10 Sep

Healing at Emmanuel Orphanage in Myanmar

Here is a wonderful letter we received from the director of Emmanuel Orphanage. Not only did his wife just give birth to a son, but one of the orphans under his care was healed!

Respected Sir,

Thank you very much for your eagerness to see my son. I am so happy and I praise God for the Lord gave me beautiful son through your great care and love only. What a great and precious for me as long as I live for Christ in my traveling world. I joyfully hope that my son would bear the burden for orphans, widows and live for Christ for to live is Christ.

The encouragement of the word of Jesus is our strength in our daily lives that do not worry, saying what shall we eat? or what shall we cloth? or what shall we drink? (Mt. 6:31)

Mr. Lal Sang Pui is one of my orphans boy. Accurately he has nice parents but they are very poor. His Dad brought his son Mr. Lal Sang Pui to us because he is deaf and mute from his childhood. His Dad told me that I admitted him 2 physicians but he is not better so I brought my son to you for God only can heal his sickness.

We often prayed and fasted for him specially with believing this sickness is not difficult to be healed by Jesus. For Jesus answered our prayer and now joyfully he began to talk and hear the voice. Jesus said that neither this man nor his parents sinned but the work of God should be revealed in him (Jn 9:3)

When I was mute for 37 days due to fever, I asked Lord to give me good voice for preaching His Gospel from my inner being and He healed me completely until now. In so far as I know the sickness which are are healed by Jesus is never never raised again. Praise the Lord.

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