Healing Waters

Picture of clean water in RwandaVenuste welcomes a young child at the new clean water connection

Healing Waters

Clean water brings a torn community back together

Dear Family,

The 1994 genocide in Rwanda has left its survivors with deep wounds that are still reflected, more than 25 years later, in people’s distrust and hatred toward their neighbors.

Our Farming God’s Way trainer, Venuste, felt led to go and face his Goliath by returning to his childhood community, Karama, where his family was murdered as he fled for his life. He began training people in FGW and God’s Love Groups. Many poor farmers are now prospering, and the GLGs have given genocide survivors a new family!

Thanks to your help, Venuste now has a model farm and an FGW training center that doubles as a nursery and pre-kindergarten. All this has been a huge boost for the community, but beyond that, thanks to your generosity, it also has a constant flow of clean municipal water.

A 68-year-old man named Vincent said, “Everyone would stick to their own wells producing dirty water … but the pure water is going to be the basis for our reconciliation and the knowledge of the power of the Lord!!”

A woman in the community testified, “It’s like a dream because where we live is known to be evil. There was no infrastructure, we drank bad water, and we had no hope of survival. But ever since we saw Venuste, it has been a blessing to us and revealed to us the love of God!”

Venuste shared this message for Heaven’s Family’s Farming God’s Way Ministry investors: “Thank you for making life so much better after so many years of living in loneliness and grief. Now the nursery will get clean water, the elderly have much easier access to water, and students will never be late for school again due to traveling long distances to fetch water! Thank you for making it happen! God bless you all.”

Picture of man fetching dirty water in RwandaFetching dirty water before their new setup

Thank you for helping to transform and reconcile Rwanda for God’s glory!

Image of the director of the Farming God's Way Ministry

Jerry Jefferson

Director, Farming God’s Way Ministry

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