Heaven in Prison

Picture of women prisoners in DR Congo with their children
Women prisoners with their young children, grateful for your lifesaving support

Heaven in Prison

How you’ve helped take the love of Christ behind bars in the DR Congo

Dear Family,

It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to equate jail in Goma, DR Congo, with a prison sentence in hell.

Because of COVID-19, most charities and NGOs have stopped working in Goma’s juvenile and women’s prisons. We’ve chosen not to leave.

The young boys in the juvenile prison are infected with COVID-19, scabies, lice and STDs. Because the government provides no food to the prisoners, many are suffering and dying from malnutrition. There is no clean water, so many are also suffering from waterborne diseases. The boys sleep on concrete floors near an open sewer. When the sun goes down, there are no lights in the prison—so the roaches, rats, bugs and snakes visit the boys.

The women’s prison is not much better. Some women are imprisoned with their babies and young children. No feminine hygiene items are available. As in the juvenile prison, malnutrition, disease, unclean water, lice and vermin afflict these women and young children.

Sounding more like a prison sentence in hell?

But thankfully, God has not forgotten about the boys, women and children suffering behind bars in Goma. Nor have His people.

Through Heaven’s Family’s Prison & Rehab Ministry, you’ve helped provide food, clean water, supplies, medicine, solar lighting, and mattresses to those imprisoned in Goma. Most importantly, our chaplains are preaching Jesus Christ. As a result, many have been won to the Lord.

Thank you for helping make it possible to bring hope and salvation to the juvenile and female prisoners in Goma.

Bob Collins
Director, Prison & Rehab Ministry

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