Hello, I’m a Slave

“Sunitra,” a captive to scurrilous sexual abusers, recently baptized (inset)

Warning: content not suitable for children

Hello, I’m a Slave

Rescuing the deceived from a life of abuse

Dear Friends,

What would lure women from the lush mountains of Nepal to an arid, desolate Persian Gulf nation over 1,000 miles away? Money. When word that good-paying jobs are available overseas reaches the impoverished rural villages of Nepal—or Myanmar, Cambodia, Guatemala…or any of dozens of other developing countries around the world—many women sign up, sight unseen, in the hope that they will be able to send much of their pay back to their poor families. By this means, many unwittingly purchase a one-way ticket into the dark world of human trafficking.

Victims are also told they will be charged a “placement fee,” and their passports—their only recognized form of identity and means of returning home—are confiscated, ostensibly to ensure the repayment of their placement fees. In reality, it’s to prevent their escape.

Most find themselves in housekeeping jobs, but soon learn that their employers want much more from them. Many become objects of verbal and physical abuse by the women in the home. But that often pales in comparison to the sexual abuse they are forced to endure. In some cases they are raped multiple times a day by “friends” of the family.

Through a series of intricate connections, Heaven’s Family learned of several Nepali women who have become trapped in that Middle-Eastern nation. Thankfully, we have some “inside” partners who are working to liberate them on behalf of the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry and the Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry. Although the work of these two ministries at Heaven’s Family are similar, they usually help victims in different parts of the world and different aspects of the vast, hideous, multifaceted world of sexual exploitation.

Just recently our secret partner (a missionary to that country for 35 years) was able to rescue a woman I’ll call “Sarah,” but only after a complicated set of maneuvers—including clandestine visits to a doctor to verify her violations, petitioning governmental officials for an alternate passport and exit visa, and then a risky, late night escape from a walled compound. Sarah is now reunited with two daughters and family in Nepal.

We recently learned of “Sunitra,” another Nepali woman still trapped there, who has recently become a new believer and was just baptized not long ago, setting her spirit free! Rescues can be long, drawn out, expensive—and dangerous—so we ask for your prayerful support for these efforts.

Together with Him,

Carole Collins
Director, Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

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