Help Has Arrived!

Our first wire of $11,000 was received by our contact in Myanmar, and we are getting reports and thanks from the orphanages in Yangon. I wanted to pass on this good news to you!

Here is a letter we received from Love and Mercy Shelter in Yangon:

I greet you in Jesus name from LMS, Myanmar. I received —— for the house renovation of the roofing. Thank you so much for your help and prayer. God is so good and He is caring [for] His people every day and night. I would like to say again, thanks to all my brothers and sisters.

May God bless you all,

[Love and Mercy Shelter]

Here is a letter we received from Rhema Orphanage in Yangon:

I am very glad that God is with all of us. Romans 8:28 comes true to us. It seems that all the damaging roofs, windows, doors, window glasses and some walls will be substituted with the new one. What I mean is the older has gone and the newer has comes. The newer is better.

God is so good!

Thank you so much for all the things that you have done.

Click here to help the orphanages in Myanmar.

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