Helping Flood Victims in Pakistan

24 Oct

Helping Flood Victims in Pakistan


Thousands of Pakistanis, including this woman and her small child (in hammock) were forced to flee their homes due to flooding from unusually heavy monsoon rains

Dear Friends,

You may recall that I visited Pakistan just over a year ago to bring emergency relief on behalf of those who generously contributed to the Disaster Relief Fund.

Although more localized this year, the southern Sindh Province was again hit with record-breaking monsoon rains.

Heaven’s Family received a plea for help from one of our partners in Pakistan who lives in the hardest-hit area (and who I worked with last year when I was there). He told us that many of our brothers and sisters in Christ were forced to abandon their flooded homes and their submerged crops. Government help was limited, of course, especially for followers of Jesus.

We responded by sending $2,000, and we are happy to report that 70 families were helped with emergency supplies that included flour, rice, sugar, vegetable oil, tea, dry milk, and mosquito coils. Some supplies also went to a few Hindu and Muslim families who are open to the gospel. In the next couple of weeks Heaven’s Family hopes to be able to send more relief money to equip our partner to help even more families.

Below are some photos of Pakistani believers very happy to receive our help in the last two weeks!

Because of Him,

Jeff Trotter
Director, Disaster Relief Fund

And I couldn’t resist including a photo of some cute kids!


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