Here to Serve Them, and You

Miriam, a former Muslim from Tanzania whose husband abandoned her, had heard much about Jesus, but no one had ever told her how to become His follower until she met one of our faithful missionary friends who led her to the Lord and baptized her. She is now filled with joy! She had a big problem, however: she could not provide for herself and her children (she also has a club foot, which limits her mobility and ability to work). Through the funding of a recent special project, however, she now has a small parcel of land on which she is raising goats and vegetables that will sustain her family, and provide her with enough income to be self-sufficient.

Here to Serve Them, and You

Responding to God’s call to love the “least of these”

Dear Friends,

Widows are made when husbands die prematurely. In their absence, women and children in poor nations are often left with nothing—no money for rent, medicine or even food. No government assistance ever comes.

Other “widows,” such as Miriam in the photo above, are made when husbands leave their families for other women, or to pursue lives of crime or drugs—or all of the above. Although not technically widows, their plight is no different, and sometime worse. Social stigma and a deep feeling of abandonment hangs over the woman and her children, a curse from which only the Lord can deliver them.

We’ve seen the faces of these women close-up, and have listened to their stories. That’s why we’ve jumped enthusiastically into directing the Widows & Abandoned Women Fund. The previous director, Terry Steward, has joined her husband, Dan Steward, to provide him with much-needed assistance with Heaven’s Family’s Micro-Loan Fund.

For many years we’ve been involved in the work of Heaven’s Family from our home in Colorado, and have been praying that God would show us how we could serve the “least of these” even more. And He answered our prayers in a big way! As we’ve transitioned into this new role, we’ve learned even more about the many unique hardships that women around the world are facing, and we’re so excited about linking arms with all you who have been consistently loving and serving these women with such compassionate hearts!

We’ve rejoiced to see the pressing needs of women met through 2 special projects because of generous souls like you recently, and 3 others will soon bless several other women who are waiting patiently to start a small business so they can provide for themselves and their children, receive critical medical care or find the shelter they need. If you haven’t done so lately, please visit the Widows and Abandoned Women Fund Special Projects web page to read their stories here.

We are so honored (and humbled) to be serving our Father by serving the needs of these Christian women, and we look forward to serving you, too!


Bruce and Patty Harris
Directors, Widows & Abandoned Women Fund

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