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Thank you  for helping to advance Jesus’ kingdom, and care for His (and our) spiritual family, through Heaven’s Family. Through our 21 Ministries, your designated gifts serve those whom God places on your heart. This response form makes the process easy.

As you give, remember God’s promise:

Oh, the joys of those who are kind to the poor!
The Lord rescues them when they are in trouble.
The Lord protects them and keeps them alive.
He gives them prosperity in the land
and rescues them from their enemies.
The Lord nurses them when they are sick
and restores them to health (Psalm 41:1-3 NLT).

All those blessings don’t even include the fact that those who care for the poor lay up treasure in heaven for themselves!

Thanks so much.

In Christ,


Monthly Recurring Gifts:

Number Name of Ministry Gift Amount
Sponsor a child with leprous parents
($20 per month per child)
Orphan’s Tear child sponsorship
($20 per month per child)
Number Name of Ministry Gift Amount
National Missionary Sponsorship
($20 per month)
Compassion Club
(Any amount will help)

One-Time Gifts:

Number Name of Ministry Gift Amount
Safe Water Ministry

Unreached People Groups Ministry

Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry

Critical Medical Needs Ministry

Leprosy Ministry

Disabilities Ministry

Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry

Persecuted Christians Ministry

Refugee Ministry

Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

Books for Discipleship Ministry

Number Name of Ministry Gift Amount
Orphan’s Tear Ministry

Education Ministry

Farming God’s Way Ministry

Food Ministry

Disaster Relief Ministry

North Korean Christians Ministry

Strategic Bibles Ministry

Prison & Rehab Ministry

Micro-Loan Ministry

National Missionary Ministry

Where Most Needed:

Number Name of Ministry Gift Amount
Heaven's Family General Fund