Historic Flooding in Pakistan

30 Aug

Historic Flooding in Pakistan

Pakistanis struggle to survive historic flooding in Pakistan

Flooding in Pakistan has displaced millions

Dear Friends,

The world is beginning to understand just how devastating this summer’s flooding in Pakistan has been. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recently put it in perspective, stating:

Pakistan is facing a slow-motion tsunami. At least 160,000 square kilometers of land is under water [That is an area larger than the entire state of Florida]. Fifteen to twenty million people need shelter, food and emergency care. That is more than the entire population hit by the (2004) Indian Ocean tsunami, the Kashmir earthquake, Cyclone Nargis, and the earthquake in Haiti—combined.

Through our trusted partners in Pakistan, we’ve sent $5,000 from our Disaster Relief Fund to distribute safe water, food, and clothing to some of the neediest victims of the flooding. These vital supplies are being delivered by six Pakistani Christian teams placed strategically throughout the nation of Pakistan. Over 14 million people have been displaced by the intense flooding in Pakistan, and at least 6 million of these are children. More than 70,000 homes have been destroyed by the flooding. As you can imagine, the need is great and will continue for months.

As in every disaster, God is at work. This flooding in Pakistan provides the followers of Jesus with a unique opportunity. In a recent email appeal, our partner put it this way:

As I look at places where those affected live and will gravitate to, plus where these trustworthy, faithful [Pakistani] Christian Partners are located, the scripture in Esther 4:14 comes to mind: “Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” This is a GREAT opportunity for these Christian Teams to share their faith with the Muslim majority. Please PRAY for all involved in this endeavor.

Help Bring Relief from the Flooding in Pakistan

Through Heaven’s Family’s Disaster Relief Fund, we hope to continue taking advantage of this opportunity—wrought by the flooding—to spread Christ’s light in the darkness of Pakistan. If you would like to help bring relief (both temporal and eternal) from the flooding in Pakistan, please click here. As always, 100% of your contributions will go directly to those in need. Thanks.

Because of Him,

Jeff Trotter

Director, Disaster Relief Fund

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