Hope in The Valley of Death

woman in india with baby

Dear Friends,

Because of contributions to the Critical Medical Needs Fund, Sajini John of Kerala, India, was alive to celebrate her first Mother’s Day.

Last fall, however, when she should have been expecting life, Sajini was facing death.

At 26, Sajini thought her dreams were all coming true. Although from a poor background, she was able to finish school and begin serving the Lord as a missionary. When she desired a husband who would be her partner in ministry, God provided Sajini with a man who loved Jesus and who also was a missionary. Soon after they wed, she became pregnant—a precious child was on the way. Sajini was indeed blessed!

But without warning, Sajini’s life took a turn for the worse. She wrote, “The doctors found out that I had a problem with my heart valves.” Immediate surgery might save her, but it cost 60,000 Rupees ($1,500)—way more than she and her husband, also from a poor family, could ever afford. Would she survive? Would her unborn child survive? Were her dreams of a life of service to the Lord about to die as well? Sajini didn’t know the answers to any of these questions, but she trusted God, and He supplied her need.

K.V. Daniel, a trusted ministry partner, found out about Sajini’s desperate situation and contacted Heaven’s Family. Because of gifts to the Critical Medical Needs Fund, we were able to send what was needed to help pay for Sajini’s balloon-heart surgery.

Now fully recovered and with a healthy newborn, Sajini is able to continue her missionary work and enjoy the treasures of motherhood. She told us, “Today we are so happy and healthy. I would like to thank Heaven’s Family members for helping me to go through this valley of death.”

Thank you so much for your compassion for Sajini and the many other members of our spiritual family whom we are able to help through the Critical Medical Needs Fund. You are making a difference!

In Him,

Director, Critical Medical Needs Fund


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  • Katie Berks

    Praise God! Bless you Emily and also David Servant for this ministry. i’m so honored to have found out about it and know you all. Thank you Jesus for really caring. For seeing us – not as we are but what we can become for You. You are an amazing friend, Lord, husband, love and Father. Thank you for making all things possible and for hope, which without we would be in endless despair.

  • Emily

    Jesus bless you, my friend. Thank you for partnering with us as we strive to run this race and serve our brothers and sisters in need. I look forward to seeing you soon! :0)

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