Hope on the Streets

Picture of social worker sharing the love of Christ with a street child in Myanmar
Sharing the love of Christ with a street child in Myanmar—a child whom the whole has forgotten about

Hope on the Streets

How you’ve helped minister to street children in Myanmar

Dear Family,

For many people around the world, COVID-19 has been a serious inconvenience. But if you’re a street child in Yangon, Myanmar, the economic effects of COVID-19 could mean the end of your life.

Due to the in-country travel restrictions and the closure of many businesses, children who normally have survived through begging and child labor have had nowhere to turn for income.

There are two types of street children in Myanmar. Some children live and beg on the streets because they have no family to ever go home to. Others do have families, but they are so poor that the children go out into the streets during the day to try to bring in more money for the family.

Through Heaven’s Family’s Orphan’s Tear Ministry, you have provided emergency food packages to hundreds of street children and their families. This short-term support also enables us to make personal contact with these children, build relationships, and find out more about their situation. We don’t just give them handouts—we continue working with them to help find solutions so that these children don’t have to live or beg on the streets anymore.

Thank you for your dedication to making a practical difference in the lives of children who would otherwise have nowhere to go!

Stephen Servant
Director, Orphan’s Tear Ministry
“Children Belong In Families”

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